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Bad day, good day May 30, 2010

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Sorry for not posting for a few days. Thursday was Rent-an-Athlete at my school and I was ‘rented’ by my english teacher. Basically since I’m so organised, I was in charge of organizing and sorting her file cabinet for 3 hrs! It wasn’t too bad, I know kids who were rented by the science dept and had to clean out the fish tanks. Ummm…gross!

Friday was senior take over day, I took over my gym teacher from per 4/5 which was about 10 o’clock to 12th period which was 2 o’clock. Both days I actually got to leave at 1:20 since the two teachers didn’t have classes 12th period.

Food intake for Thursday and friday were about the same. Friday for breakfast and Thur. were 2 packages of plain oatmeal, 1/2 cup of 1 % cottage cheese, 1/4 cup of fiberone andsome almonds. Lunch on Thurday was a genisoy bar and almonds and Friday was a lean pocket and an Attune bar, I’ll have a review on that. Pm snack thursday was a cup of kashi go lean and a cup or so of almond breeze. Friday, I had a banananut bread lara bar. OMG soooo good! Dinner was a boca w/ hummus, a Tummaro’s low carb wrap, a yam sweet potato w/ lots of cinnamon and a small salad. Exercise was very limitd due to my need to cut back as per my RD. With NO exercise, I lost weight? Wow.

Friday, I swayed from my norm of not eattng after dinner. I tried the Newman’s fig cookies (2 of them, 140 calories) and a dr. kracker’s pumkin seed cheddar cracker, the cracker def. belongs in soup. I can see how people could lose weight eatting them since they are so hard and ur mouth is getting exercise from it. lol It was rather hard.

Saturday, I woke up @ 8, and my tummy was hurting me. For breakfast I tried the eggwhite omelet from Cedarlane and 1/2 cup of fiber one with almond breeze. For some reason, I only ate twice ytd. Idk cause I’m eatting more and my stomach is still trying to get back to normal? or the cedarlane omeletes are really doing a number on me? Dinner was a salas, a boca vegan and a Tummaro’s low carb wrap.

Today, so far is turning out to be really good. The weather is so nice out. I actually ran today, 8.2 miles, I know I know, don’t run for a while, but I couldn’t help it. Then I went to yoga at the Y, for an hour and my stress/ anxiety of having to increase/ decrease seemed to supsided. =) Breakfast was a lemon giner gnu bar, not too bad, a clif kids brownie bar and 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, and before yoga, I had a thomas’s light muti-grain english muffin, an egg and a 1/4 cup of skim mozszorella. Yummy in my tummy!


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