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trying to cut back on running May 26, 2010

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So today, I didn’t run in the am, I played wii active instead. I’m having huge anxiety issues right now, but I’m seeing my therapist later today. My meals for today are basically the same as ytd. Breakfast was 1/2 cup of 1% cottage cheese, thomas’s light mulit-grain and a southbeach bar. AM and Lunch are hot n’ healthy bars. Pm is a south beach bar and dinner is prob. gonna be the same as ytd. I hope to run a bit in gym today, maybe 2- 3 miles.

I recieved my first comment ytd from Izzy! Thanks girl. I feel like I’m starting to get out there on the blogging circut.


One Response to “trying to cut back on running”

  1. izzy Says:

    Yay! I still get so excited when I see comments haha 😉

    I know the anxiety about trimming back workouts…it just makes it easier on the stomach when you relaize you have less to eat back, though!


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