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A run makes me smile =) May 26, 2010

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So today, my tummy’s alittle better. Breakfast was a chocolate brownie gnu bar, 1/2 cup of 1% cottage cheese, and 100 calories worth of almonds. I ran 9.1 miles today and then after had coffee w/ 8oz of almond breeze. It was different cause it was unsweetened but tasted so good! Am snack was a hot n’ healthy bar. Lunch was a boca vegan w/ Cedar’s hummus (2 tbps) on a Tomarro’s low carb wrap. During gym, I ran another 2.4 miles. PM was a cup of kashi go lean orignal w/ about 6 oz or so of unsweeten almond breeze. Dinner was the same was ytd.

When I got home, I was surprise to see that I recieved 3 sample packs! One from Yummnuts, one from POP chips and one from Wasa crisps! By far, being a blogger has made me happy and look foward to eatting healthy and get thru my “rough patch.” Can’t wait to try and blog about it.


3 Responses to “A run makes me smile =)”

  1. izzy Says:

    Ooh I’ve been wanting to try Pop Chips! I saw the BBQ flav at Costco so I can’t hear what you have to say about them

    Keep those eats up – you run A LOT so remember to make it up!

    Much love,

    • colesbites Says:

      I’m actually trying to cut down on running right now. lol i’ll let u know how the pop chips r!

  2. CourtandWhit Says:

    We actually have not tried Pop chips. Shocker right, with all our samples. lol.

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