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breakfast post May 23, 2010

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This morning, I cracked open #1 of 12 cedarlane “samples” I recieved which was the bean and cheese burrito. OMG it was sooo good! Way better than Taco bell and of course HEALTHIER! Plus I had a kashi TLC almond mocha. yummm! I ran 8.12 miles today, I could feel it in my legs from all the dancing and jumping from Zumba. Idk if I’m gonna go to the gym today, but I’ll be doing yoga? and 17 mag workouts instead. After my run, I had a cup of 1% milk, we didn’t have any skim today. =( (breakfast was about 500)

Later on today, I’m visiting my grandma. Should be interesting! lol


One Response to “breakfast post”

  1. CourtandWhit Says:

    Woah 8 miles! That’s crazy, the most we have worked up to is about 4 1/2-5 miles

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