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tired! May 22, 2010

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I only stayed for 2 hrs @ the Zumbathon. Basically it was the same dances, nothing new and for $10 it wasn’t Really worth it. Before I went I had a thomas light muti-grain w/ 1/2 cup of skim cheese and a pear w/ cinnamon. After I came home from the gym, I went to Retrofitness to see what they had to offer. It’s cheaper than the Y, but no classes. I had a crystal light and about a kiwi and 1/2? and pineapple. The guy who works there also works w/ my dad and he made this protein shake for people to try. My ED kicked in and I was terrified to try it. I had a tiny sip of my mom’s and paniced. I was able to get through my “outburst” as my mom calls them.

Dinner was veggies (1.5 cups) salad(2cups?) grilled flounder and a latte w/ almond breeze. Dinner was around 320ish? Tomarrow I plan on running 7-8 laps a long day and maybe go to the gym for a bit. I’m also visiting my grandma and decided to bring along my “meals.”Also, this afternoon, I recieved a huge boxx from fed-ex containing 12 different Cedarland froozen meals. They are all ones that I would actually eat and I plan on doing my first review on them tomarrow. I’m gonna have one before my run. lol Then I’ll write my review about it. I’m thinking the burrio? Yummm… lol


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