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eeek May 18, 2010

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So Sunday wasn’t a good night. About 8:30 which when i use to binge, was what i called my bewitching hour. I must have been way under my calories for the day cause I had 2 slices of tomato basil bread, then 2 packages of oatmeal, a kind bar and this protein bar. Plus some low fat ice cream! I FEEL SO FAT!!! I felt like shit that night, ytd and still paying for it today!!!

Ytd, I ran 9.12 miles in the am, had a delay so I then ran another 2 @ 7:30. B-fast was a kind bar, arnold’s whole wheat sammie w/ 2 reduced fat sting cheese. Then milk after the run. The scale said I went up 6 lbs! Today, I went down 2.2lbs and hopefully i’ll go lower. AM today was kashi go lean and plain nonfat yogurt tyd I had barenatural apples. Lunch ytd was @ 1 cause my ED just wanted me to walk and walk and walk to compensate for Sunday night. I had a zone bar, 1/2 cup of fiber one. Dinner I had a can of tuna and 2 cups of broccoli. Today, for breakfast i had the same thing but a GNU Peanut butter bar. Am I didn’t have the barenatural apples and lunch I had 9 almonds and 1/4 cup of fiber one. Pm was a reduced fat string cheese and 11 falafels chips which were AWESOME considering my stomach is on day 2 of being all screwed up. They were some of the samples I got, which was more like 8 bags (4 spicy which is what was opened, and 4 original) A rave and review will be up when I try the original. Dinner is def gonna be light, probaly similar to last night. Tomarrow I plan on running 6-7. Plus 2 miles in gym. I need to get back to what I weighed this weekend.

I went to my therapist ytd, this lady is a new one and she tells it like it is. What happened Sunday is in the past, move on is what she said. She says that I have the “all or nothing” attitude. Give me NO food or give me all till a puke, which isn’t healthy. I’m def. gonna work on that cause I can’t go on like this. This ED is so isolating and annoying @ times.

Hopefully in the next few days, my eating improves and I feel much better about myself.


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