Coles Bites

A food journal of a teenager with a mission to be and eat healthy

zumba canceled!?!?! =( May 16, 2010

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I decided on 2 reduced fat string cheese, an apple, and a whole wheat arnols’s sammie thin. OMG amazing. When I got to the gym, I hit the weights first. I did 3×15 abs, back, leg and ab twists. Then 14 on the elip, stretched with Jackie and then found out Zumba was canceled!!! Instead of calling it a day, I ran for 33minutes and burned 300 calories plus 120 on the elp. After the gym, I had propel to drink and took a shower. Lunch was a low fat yogurt plain, cup of Kashi go lean and 2 cups of peaches. (am was 390 and lunch was 360) Now I’m off to my meeting, I’ll save the 4 dollars and make my own nonfat latte later.  Maybe a walk or yoga?


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