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Cut back a bit May 13, 2010

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After the “scare” ytd, I’m on a quest NOT to be hostiptalized for my weight. So I only ran for an hour and 2 min in the moring and 2.4miles during gym class. Instead of crazy exercing when I got home, I did 40 min of yoga. I feel just as good as if I did 8.12 miles and then the 3ish miles plus all the sit ups/push ups etc.  Tomarrow, I’m only running 5 laps around the development and about the same in gym, maybe 2.5 miles.

Eating wise, I increased about 100-150 calories which isn’t alot, but slow and steady is best for me right now. So today and tomarrow is 5 meals along w/ Sat and Sun as well. For breaskfast, I had 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 2 tbsp of all natural chunky pb on a whole wheat arnold’s thin, and after I ran I had 6oz of milk w/ coffee. Am was a zone bar and propel, lunch was a turkey sandwhich on a veryberry bagel with 1/2 oz of almonds. Pm was 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, yeah i know ALOT of Sodium today, but honestly, it’s like super hot today and I’ve been sweating like a piggy, yupp typical runner! I also had a granny smith apple microwaved w/ cinnamon yumm and 1/4 cup of fiberone another yummm. Dinner is gonna be around 6:12ish today so I’ll defanitly have another post and my rave and review of the gnu bars soon. I’ve only had 2 bars one of which was like 2 yrs ago. lol

Oh and I can’t believe MIke got kicked off American Idol! Are there any American Idol, BIggest Loser, Dancing with the stars fans out there? 3 shows I can NEVER miss along w/ Gossip Girl!

Oh and one more thing, my parents had me watch Dr. Phil last night. Episode was “Dying to be Thin.” It was such a shocker and in a way, even though I never binge/purged, I feel connected to the girl. At times I feel so alone and I isolate myself cause I never feel like anyone understands me. Running clears my head and controling the amount I eat helps me cope w/ stress. I WILL BEAT THIS! I did before but then I started binging and I was close to 130lbs! My goal is 104 which is a pretty good weight. I felt awesome at it but then stress and abuse from a boyfriend happened 8 months ago and it wasn’t good.


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