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New Phone came! May 10, 2010

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My new phone finally came which means the crazy Motorola loaner phone goes back tonight to the t-moblie store. lol So I have NO pictures on there or ring tones and like 1/3 of my texts and missing some contacts which I’ll add. School was ok today not too eventful. I picked my topic of my anatomy final which is right up my alley- Exercise! lol

As for exercise, I ran for 74 minutes today plus my am/pm workout which turned out to be 52 min wrokout. Oh and each “lap” is 1.16miles. So I’ve been running 8.12miles each morning and over NINE on Saturday, Sundays and days off from school! Gosh that’s insane! But I feel so amazing after each run.

For breakfast I had 2 eggs, a kashi tlc almond flax bar and the Italian herb western alt. bagel. After I ran I had coffee w/ 6 oz of skim. Lunch was a turkey sandwhich on a Very Berry Western Alt. bagel (yeah they really are AMAZIN!!!), a pack of 100 calorie almonds, and a sobe lean raspberry lemonaid which was really good since it was 15calories for the whole bottle and had sugar sub. in it. Their not the greatest for ya, but in moderation, everything is OK. Which is what I’m trying to learn again with going crazy! lol Pm snack was a zonebar and 3 lonely almonds. lol

So along with my new phone, I get a box from GNU which are all natural, high fiber bars with 130-140 bars. I got 2 of each flavor for a total of 14. My mom was like HOLY that’s awesome! Do I smell RAVE and REVIEW NUMBER DOS?!?! Yeah man! It’s gonna take me sometime to try each flavor, but in the past I had the cinnamon  rasisin bar and OMG that’s one amazing tasting fiber bar! Fiberone and Fiberplus can kiss GNU’s booty…nothing beats ALL NATURAL! More on GNU bars later in the week!


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