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finally tired May 9, 2010

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So I finished up what I needed to do today as in yard work. OMG as I yes I was mowing the lawn it was like deja vu all over again. More bunnies and they died! That happened over the summer. I couldn’t bear to see them struggle to survive so I went into my house and my dad had a ‘funeral’ for them. RIP little bunnies. lol tomorrow is mother’s day and I’m going to my godmother’s house. I plan on getting a long run in tom plus maybe a 3.3 mile run in the after noon sometime or hitting up the gym for a 3-4 mile run. I took a walk today and some punk kid asked me how much I weight. Wtf? Well i know and I’m not telling. I’m actually happy yet my parents think I’m miserable. I’m really not. I mean if I just listen to my RD and gain some weight(like 10-12lbs) and get to 104ish, maybe I’ll feel/see a difference but idk. I’m afraid of losing control again and having a 6 month binge where I went from 98lbs to 128lbs. YUCK!!!! Well I can tell u that I do weight under  100.  Well it’s the first day of the rest of my life and I wanna be thin/skinny but not look like I’m sickly. This disease is really annoying. I thought I was cured but then my grandma broke her hip, got sick and then I was in a really abusive/ stressful relationship plus the stress of school and getting into college. Well Grandma is doing well, I’m single, I got into all my college choices and school is over in 30 days! Time to get back to being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. Which is where this blog comes into play. Dinner was morning star farms chik meal starters, dannon light and fit pineapple coconut yogurt, 4 cups of salad, 1 cup of carrots and a mix of fiber 1 and edamanes. Well I’m tired from my walk and I’m just sitting and relaxing wonder if there’s a good movie on?


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