Coles Bites

A food journal of a teenager with a mission to be and eat healthy

zumba turned into a 4.5 mile run and weights May 8, 2010

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For an am snack I guess I’ll call it, I had yet another honey wheat bagel, cottage cheese and an apple. For a pm snack anoher apple, turkey breast and 6 almonds.  I went to the gym and instead of Zumba, I ran 4.5 miles and burned 360 calories plus I did some strenght training. When I got home, I took a shower and did some yard work. I plan on taking a walk soon cause the weather is soooo NICE today! I never got my latte, oh well another time. lol I did get my mom a Mother’s day present. Shhhh can’t tell u yet. lol Well I’m out for my walk. Later


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