Coles Bites

A food journal of a teenager with a mission to be and eat healthy

Same old same old April 27, 2010

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Today I ran 7 laps and then did my am/pm workout when I got home from school which consits of ab workouts, yoga and strength. Before my run I had half cup fiberone, light pom yogurt and a zone perfect bar. After was a large coffee with skim milk. Lunch was a turkey sandwhich w/ 4 oz of meat, thomas light muffin and 6 almonds (lmao) and  skim milk. After noon snack was a fiberone bar and another (yupp I’m addicted) large coffee with skim milk. DInner was a large salad, 2 cups of broccoli, 2 oz of turkey breast and a sweet potato with cinnamon.

School was school. Really want it to be summer! This weather lately is gross! Too much rain, but I’ve been able to run. So it’s all good. Tomarrow is the Italian club soccer game, along with an am run and gym. SHould be VERY tired!


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