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A food journal of a teenager with a mission to be and eat healthy

New Start April 22, 2010

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Today was very similar to ytd. I ran for 80 min this morning and then did 24 min on the elipical around 12:50 pm. I had basically the same things to eat exepct for dinner, I had chunk light tuna and a small sweet potato. I may or may night have a diet swiss miss cocoa. NOt too sure. I can’t wait for tommarrow: am run, gym and zumba! Saturday is my long day to run as well as Sundays. Plus on Saturday is Rutgers Day and I hope to do the 12 noon Zumba! Last year was so much fun and sadly I weight about the same as I did…96.7lbs which is a new low for me, last year was about that 96-98. For my height, I’m like 5’8/ 5’9, it’s low. My goal that  I want to get to and maintain is 104. I was really happy @ that weight and when I was much heavier, 120-124 which is where I hit I was miserable. PLus my atheltic performance suffered. I actually did really well at about 104 to 106. Ne ways, school is almost over, thank goodness! Then summer and college in the fall! I’m so syched for MSU and to actually be majoring in nutrition and hope to become and RD! I’m gonna get involved with the MSDO and go to the gym everyday plus run. I want to AVOID the freshman 15 but stay @ my target weight.


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