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Breakfast,am, lunch and pm-Not a good day to run April 3, 2009

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All day it’s been thundering and lightening. As I type it is. lol So I had a half a day today and when I came home, i made myself grilled cheese on a double fiber whole wheat english muffin w/ one laughing cow light wedge and one slice of regular cheese. I also had an apple, and some cantalope about a cup ( not the whole container), and an egg for extra protein. I wanted to run today, but like i said, it’s been gross outside for the last 3 days. Tomarrow is suppose to be alot nicer, and hopefully I’ll get my run in early at 6:30.  I finally looked into that Jillian Michael’s Shreding video, and found it on you-tube. I’ve heard alot of good about it so I decided to do that for my workout today. I did level 1 and 2. Boy did I feel the burn! It was great. I also did some yoga today and the workout in Shape May 2009 magazine. I feel stronger already. lol

Spring break has offically started and as of right now, no plans, but that’s going to change. I already have “plans” to go to the mall and Starbucks with my friend Krissy and hang w/ Danielle and maybe Anthony. ( I actually went out w/ him last year and I won’t mind it if he asked me out again.) hehe

Tomarrow markes the one year anniversary of my Nanny’s unexpected death. I know it’s gonna be a burtal day, but I can get through it. My mom was the one that found her on April 2, 2008 when she fell. It was a horrible two days. I had no idea what was going on and I miss her so much. It was actually the WORST day of my life when my mom told me after track practice. All I remember was collapsing into my mom’s arms and crying non-stop from the 4th to the 8th, the day after we buried her. Then that’s about the time that my depression kicked into full gear and I spirled downward. It was actually May of 06 that things got really rough when she fell and broke her shoulder and I followed. (No, i didn’t break anything, but the depression started and all that that followed) I’m actaully starting to tear up now.  I thought of getting balloons and writing messages on them and then letting them go into the sky.  Running in the am will def. get clear my mind and any other workouts that I have planed which is Jillian Michael’s Shreding again and yoga.


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