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more later April 1, 2009

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So today was a pretty yucky rainy day.  Chances are there will be no running today or tomarrow. Tomarrow I have an FBA meeting, so I’ll be home later than usual. Today I have a periodonst appt. at 4:15 so that’s where I’m headed. I have 4 tests to study for tonight. Luckly I studied for Italian already so I tech. only have 3 left. lol Exercise wise, I did some yoga and what I call 30 min. power cruches. Basically it’s 30 minutes of different cruches and sit ups, and then 10 mintues of jump rope.

Right next to the denist is this pretty neat farmer’s market. I can usually pick up about 2 weeks of produce there and it’s pretty cheap and very fresh. During these tough times, Farmers markets are the best place to shop for produce. Usually yu can find whatever is in season and that’s always good.  Chances are my mom and I will go after my appointment and load up on healthy snacks. lol

So break is friday and as of right now i have no plans. =( I do plan on running of course but other than that nothing. Possibly I might go to the mall w/ Danielle or someone else and hopefully fill out job applications cause I can’t stand volunteering anymore. i need money for gas, clothes, and of course Starbucks lattes and coffee!

School wise, I have art history homework due when I get back from break. Ready for this, 2 chapters outlined. Ok doesn’t sound too bad when you realise that it’s over 100 pages! I also have a research project due the same day which isn’t too bad. It’s 3 pages about animal cruelty and neglect.

Anyone watch Biggest lozer or American Idol? Loved Scott and Alex. On biggest lozer, it had a shocker when ron had to go to the hospital. He’s ok but it was a little scary. Nothing’s really on tonight execpt american idol. Who will get kicked off?

Ok I have to get ready for the dentist, but i’ll blog more when i get back.


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