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A food journal of a teenager with a mission to be and eat healthy

Newbie March 31, 2009

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Hey everyone! I’m Nicole and I’m a high school student. I’m in no way a nutrionalist or exerise personal. My goal is just to show you what I eat and what kind of exerise I do daily. I’ve been inspired by many online blogs and decided to start my own. I plan on studdying to be an RD one day and this hopefully will help in some way shape or form.

I’m a long distance runner for my track team as well as a high jumper. I’m not running track this year but i do stay active everyday as well as try to fit in running. Today I ran about 2.2 miles and then took my dog Oreo, he’s a 4 year old shih tzu for a walk in whcih we covered about a mile or so. It felt good to get out in the fresh air. Finally spring is showing us its here. lol

A bit more about me. I basically had one of the worst years a few years ago when my brother moved out, got married, had work done on my house, had both of my mom’s parents die within 100 days of each other and then my family become wackos. I beacme very depressed and was anorexic for sometime. I can assure you that I’m  recovered from that, and I’m now trying to live a normal teenage life. SOmetimes it’s not always easy especially when your family lives so close to you or you daydream about missing loved ones.. I basically divorced them.

I’ll try to post something everyday if I can, but i’m a student and that’s not always possible to do when I’m up to my ears in AP and honors work., and clubs and volunteering.

SOme random facts: I love coffee, tea and hot coco. I can’t live w/o it. I’m a sucker for a good book. I love reading. I love starbucks and so far this year I’ve spent a good amount of my tutoring money on it. lol I love fashion and shopping and hanging w/ friends. Most importantly I love running and putting good fuel into my body. I alo love watching movies and tv like gossip girls, biggest lozer, dacning w/ the stars and greys. I’m actually watching gossip girl right now, good episode. lol. Well i’m gonna finish watching it as well as study for Italian.



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