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Can’t wait for break! March 31, 2009

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School let’s out for spring break on Friday the 3rd. I can’t wait! My teachers decided to make all tests on Thursday so as of right now I have an algebra test, AP art history test, chem test, and Italian test. Crazy right? I wanted to run all day since it’s 60 degrees out and it felt great. In all I ran about 3.1 miles (about a 5 K) and i didn’t walk Oreo, he was pretty tired from yesterday and he’s actually sleeping right now. hehe

Tonight is biggest lozer. Love that show. Anyone else out there love that show? I’ll blog about it tomorrow after the dentist. =) Gossip girl was pretty good last night, but when isn’t?

Lately I’ve been in an awful depressed state. I think it’s because it’s coming up to the 1 year anniversary of my Nanny’s death and it’s been pretty tough on everyone in my family, but my mom and I the most. Hopefully we’ll all get through it.

Now on to my food intake as of 5pm today. For breakfast I had a banana, skim milk, coffee and a fiber one brown cinnamon sugar toaster pastry. I’m hooked on f1 things. At 9 i had 2 soy joys and 2 dark coco 3 musk bars(mini ones). For lunch I had a fiber one mocha bar, raisins, and a turkey sandwich on a mini bagel. Then at 3:15 before I ran I had an apple, coffee, clif shots (2) and edamanes. After I ran I had a skim milk. I usually have milk after I run because I’m usually not hungry but i need to refuel and milks is good because it has protein to help build lean mussels, carbs, and potassium to prevent mussel cramping.  I usually eat 5 times a day. Idk why, but I’m never hungry and it gives my an energy boast as well as keeping my blood sugar stable.  I try to follow the food pyramid but sometimes I do lack in certain areas. Usually the healthy fats, meat, beans and nuts and milk dept. Some days I’m right on target others I’m not. Right now, I need about 2.5 oz of meat/beans/nuts and healthy fats and oils, another serving of milk and veggies. I already know I’m having a salad, and a sweet potato.  SO that’s covered. I’ll think of something.

More about me: I love yoga and I’m trying to find websites as well as any yoga classes near me. I also need a bike, I just got my license and I have a car which really good on gas. It’s a 2004 Chevy cav. Not too bad for my first car. Anyways, I love staying active and sometimes you don’t want to waste gas if all I’m doing is going to Danielle’s house or the quickymart down the road but then again I could walk. lol

Also, as you can see, I love coffee. I have a huge addiction to it. Honestly I could drink a whole pot, but I’d be so wired on caffeine that it wouldn’t be good. Plus, you should only consume about 250mg of it per day. Anymore and it can cause sleeplessness, increased heart rate and dehydration.  I’m pretty into and passionate about being healthy, exercise and good nutrition. From time to time, I might post random health facts, exercise tips and nutrition tips or facts.

I have to go and study for Italian and those 4 exams on Thursday as well as take a shower and drive. I still have to get use to my newish car.

Take care, Cole


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